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Position Collective started as a design blog, but has grown into a dynamic brand known for its success in the field of professional object design and interior design. Over nearly 15 years of professional experience, through initial experimental design projects, thematic design events, exhibitions and fashion collaborations, it has built a conceptual approach to design that is still a defining feature of the brand today. The OTE collection is a contemporary lamp family consisting of 8 pendants, which draws attention to the heritage of Hungarian artistic traditions and their right to exist in the modern living environment. At the same time, it actively addresses the emergence of artificial intelligence in the creative arts. The OTE collection was developed with the help of the Midjourney algorithm. The designers were looking for answers to the extent to which artificial intelligence is taking over the designer's role and where it cannot. In line with the innovative design concept, the lamps are manufactured using 3D printing technology and 100% biodegradable, biocomposite PLA. The design process was inspired by the simple spatial and linear patterns and textures typical of the Kalotaszeg region, reinterpreted by Artificial Intelligence along a contemporary concept guided by the designers.

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