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Róbert Szél

Biological needs are eating, resting and reproduction. Looking back honestly, we can see the only result of our sexual desires, the orgasm. After all, we deserve the pleasure, the shared and intimate experience, without consequences or obligations. In the same way, our free time, which is often not regeneration, but a compulsive accumulation of experiences. A panicky escape from the encounter with ourselves, into the common, big treadmill of endless doing. Also, our food is not merely a means of sustenance, but a source of pleasure and a status symbol.

My method is storytelling, using the human figure. Interpretation of everyday questions, using the symbols of our modern life. Unraveling the hypnosis of companies, the effects of wiretapping phones and the conscious subconscious mapping of browsing history on our everyday choices, whether it's a relationship, consumption of cultural goods or just Thursday night dinner.

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